Together, we can make
Birmingham an even
better place.

What is LoveBrum?

LoveBrum is a charity that engages with local people and businesses to build an even better Birmingham. We shine a light on hidden projects and charities doing good in the city. LoveBrum supporters vote on live projects and everyone has a say in which projects are supported, meaning all funds raised help to boost the local charitable economy and the best part is, every penny raised from individual memberships and fundraising goes straight to the causes.

Birmingham, let’s do this.

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This month’s causes

This month’s most voted for cause will receive valuable funding to support their project.


Founded in 1979, they are a community group who work to promote Mental Health Awareness. They are committed to the social inclusion of those with a history of mental health issues.

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Wellbeing Community Choir

The Wellbeing Choir takes an holistic approach to promoting and maintaining good mental health through singing. It is a choir open to the whole community though aimed at supporting individuals, suffering with, or recovering from a mental illness – it’s appeal is universal.

Due w/c 8th May

COPE Mental Health Foundation

Based in Handsworth, a small group mental health working professionals recognised the gaps in the delivery of mental health support, the improve individual, family and community lives by participating in research and delivering national and local policy outcomes and providing support in employment and training.

Due w/c 15th May

How it works

Step one

You sign up to become a LoveBrum member, giving you the power to vote on your favourite causes and a host of benefits. Find out more about membership benefits here.

Step two

Throughout the month three new local causes seeking funding go live. During the forth week of the month LoveBrum members vote for their favourite.

Step three

At the end of the month, the winning cause is announced and they receive valuable funding, and 12 month’s business and marketing support.

Step four

The process starts again. Three new causes go live. Voting starts again. We’re one step closer to a better Birmingham.

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