Birmingham Says No

“Every young person and their family in this city deserves to be safe


    Birmingham Says No is an Anti Knife crime youth organisation that works to bring together young people in a safe environment to express themselves through music, dance, poetry, bike skills, etc. They hold events across the city to talk about knife crime and youth violence, and have a team consisting of professionals, youth mentors, ex gang members, reformed criminals, bereaved parents and of course young people who also help to organise and support events.

What is Birmingham Says No?


Birmingham Says No’s  aim is to build a community of like minded individuals who want to see positive change in our city. They aim to empower the youth by presenting them with facts about ‘street life’ and opportunities and options as an alternative to this lifestyle. They also aim to initiate social change in Birmingham by reducing the number of young people  carrying knives and/or involved in knife crime and youth violence. They aim to offer our young people opportunities to showcase their talents and skills in a safe place and also aim to encourage positive friendships across the boundaries of the city through working together at  events. The ultimate impact is to provide our young people with alternatives – to empower them to make positive choices and to be informed about  the ‘real’ truth of life on the street in gangs, etc. 


Birmingham Says No builds confidence by promoting young people and raising their self esteem, this is done both at events and on their social media platforms. They help  young people to build friendships and positive relationships with adults and other young people.   


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?


£2000 will help enable Birmingham Says No to continue delivering their workshops in our City to try and help alleviate Knife Crime and Gang Culture by educating against it.



Where can people go to find out more about Birmingham Says No?




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