Work Experience at LoveBrum

By Ashleigh Mills

This week, LoveBrum HQ were joined with a new temporary addition, Harvey White.  A year 10 student experiencing “a week in the life of a start-up charity”.  In his own words, here’s what Harvey made of the week!

Where are you based (what school do you go to)? What are you studying?
I am currently living in Kings Norton and attend Kings Norton Boys’ School.  I’m in my first year of GCSE’s and studying GCSEs in ICT,  PE, Geography and Graphic Product, alongside English, Maths and Science.

What tasks were you assigned to do during your week with LoveBrum?
Throughout the week at LoveBrum, I have been assigned to do work on the causes spreadsheet, create marketing posters, brainstorming, minute taking and generally helping out in the office, also, completing everyday tasks such as counting funds raised at a recent event.

Why do you Love Brum?
I LoveBrum as it is where all my close family and friends are based and live. I have also spent my whole life living here and therefore have seen Birmingham get greater over the years, not just physically with the new buildings and cleaner streets but as a whole better. The people have become more open minded over the years and have become more diverse in the way they think. This level of diversity has been rubbed off onto others that are also trying to become positive role models. This has created an all round better Birmingham and a way of life in the city.

What did you enjoy most about your work experience at LoveBrum?
I enjoyed working on the “Why do you LoveBrum” posters the most as I got to read through everyone’s opinions of why they LoveBrum.  This was interesting as I got to see their opinion and outlook on the city, and what stood out for them.

Check out my finished poster here.

What did you enjoy the least (be honest!)?
I enjoyed doing the spreadsheets the least as I had to simply copy and paste information from other documents over and highlight boxes.  However, I understand this is real life work and is a necessity and has to be completed.

Explain how the LoveBrum causes process works?
The causes process works in the way of, each month is assigned to a theme (for example this month is ‘community’).  The month is split up into four different weeks.  Three of those four weeks LoveBrum will be showcasing a local “hard to reach charity”.  During each charity’s assigned week, they will get the main focus on the website so that all of the members can read up and understand what they do.  At the end of the three weeks, LoveBrum members will vote on the charity they think is best suited and will be rewarded for £2,000.

After watching many of the videos earlier this week, are there any causes that struck a chord with you?
I feel that the BuddyBag charity struck a chord the most, as I completely understand what they are doing.  I feel it is a brilliant idea to help those in need in a very simple but most effective way possible during the hard times.

Where are you off to for week two of your work experience?
In my second week of work experience, I am going to a company called Hollywood Monster, which is a very large company that creates graphical images and prints them on a large scale for major companies and organisations such a football stadiums, shopping centres (The Mailbox) etc.

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