15 May 2018

What does £20 mean to you?

By Kate Grantham

By Esme Wilson


A trip to the movies? A new pair of jeans? Well, what about just over a pound a month? Doesn’t seem like much, right?

Spending our money can be a daunting task, we feel as though we get a little for a lot and don’t seem to receive the benefits we deserve for how hard we work for it. However, unlike buying a stylish new dress or some fancy office supplies, donating money towards a cause and becoming a member of LoveBrum rewards you with the long-term benefits of knowing that you have become part of a community, where you can get actively get involved in
changing your local area for the better.

LoveBrum supports hidden gem projects and highlights important causes around the city of Birmingham. Birmingham is a brilliant place and helping with projects to make Birmingham better brings the community closer together.

For only £20 annual you can become a member with LoveBrum and help support hidden gem projects in your area to make Birmingham a happier and more supportive place. As a member of the LoveBrum family you’ll be able to keep connected with other LoveBrum members and help organize exciting events and activities for the community. You can also receive exclusive offers and benefits from our partners!

If being a member at LoveBrum stands out to you and perhaps you want to get your company or business involved, we offer corporate and patron partner memberships that will welcome you on to our team and make a real difference in Birmingham.

There are exciting projects happening at LoveBrum right now with mental health month coming up in May and impact week between the May 14th-18th. You could be a part of it!

If you love Brum, what does £20 really mean to you?

Click here now to sign up as a member and become part of the LoveBrum family!

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