31 May 2022

Volunteer’s week 1st – 7th June 2022 – A time to say Thank you!!

By Linzie Phillips



Volunteer’s week 1st – 7th June 2022

A time to say Thank you!!

Volunteers’ week is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering.

At LoveBrum we are amazed at the amount of humble people we come across, wanting to volunteer their free time, to help causes and charities fulfill their needs in our wonderful City. We recognise the profound impact volunteers can have and strive to keep these connections and showcase how wonderful the people of our city truly are.  

All volunteers are absolute Superstars and we recognise how having a diverse range of volunteers can be beneficial to so many people within our community. Without the help of volunteers, a lot of causes and projects would not be able to run and help to improve the lives of the people they make a positive influence and change too.

Volunteering can also be a heart fulfilling experience. To see how genuinely  sharing your time and gifts for free, can make even the smallest of difference to a person’s life, and can whole-heartedly be one the most rewarding things you can give to yourself.

At LoveBrum, we are truly grateful for all our volunteers, whether that be directly for LoveBrum or for our LoveBrum community, you all hold a special place in our hearts, and we think you are all remarkable people for everything you do. 

Thank you for helping us to build a better Birmingham!

With love from 

Team LoveBrum



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