26 Sep 2018

Suited for Success Gains New Partner: Uber

By Kate Grantham

LoveBrum corporate member, Uber, is supporting the charity’s vision to create a better Birmingham by joining forces to help Birmingham-based organisation, Suited for Success.

Suited for Success is a LoveBrum-funded project and local organisation that supports long-term unemployed men and women in Birmingham find a suitable interview outfit to give them the confidence they need to make that positive first impression and get a job that could change their life.

Suited for Success service users will now be able to attend their interviews without the stress of time pressures and the need to navigate their way to a new place. Uber will provide Suited for Success with ‘Uber credits’, which will allow the organisation to book free Uber rides for their clients when they have appointments or interviews to attend.

Uber is already working with charities across the UK to support elderly, or vulnerable, communities, providing free travel so that organisations can widen participation amongst their more vulnerable or isolated groups. Other partnerships include working with a charity supporting the elderly and those with early-stage dementia so that more of their beneficiaries can attend group events; and working with domestic abuse organisations so that vulnerable women can safely access secure accommodation.

LoveBrum are thrilled to bring Uber’s community partnership work to Birmingham, Uber joined forces with Birmingham-based charity LoveBrum in July 2018 to help create a brighter future for Birmingham communities.

Patricia White, Managing Director of Suited for Success, commented:

“Suited for Success is over the moon to be working with Uber in Birmingham to remove another barrier that may be stopping people from moving into employment. With this new partnership, we will be able to help clients who don’t have the basic financial means to travel to our centre in Hockley to receive our support or to get to a job interview. We are also looking forward to further support long-term unemployed clients who have health barriers or disabilities to work and need the additional assistance to travel to and from our centre or to a job interview.

“One recent example is an unemployed single dad referred by a job centre on the other side of the city. He had a job interview the next day and needed interview clothing, however, he was anxious about attending the only appointment time we could offer him as it was an hour bus journey to our centre and he had to get back home to pick up his daughter up from school. With our new partnership with Uber we were able to offer the client assistance to ensure he could attend his appointment at Suited for Success.”


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