05 Nov 2018

Smart Works Birmingham Joins Forces with Uber

By Kate Grantham

LoveBrum corporate member, Uber, is continuing to support the charity in making Birmingham better by partnering with local organisation, Smart Works Birmingham.

Smart Works Birmingham tackles the high levels of female unemployment in the city, and helps women to get back into work by providing them with a brand new interview outfit, as well as coaching to improve their confidence in the run up to their interview. The organisation opened in Birmingham in Northfield in August 2016, and has recently moved to Birmingham city centre, making it easier for clients to access their services.

Despite recently relocating to the city centre and making it easier for clients to access their services, Smart Works frequently has clients who fail to attend their appointments, or even interviews, because they have no funds for travel. Smart Works Birmingham will work with Uber to remove this pressure from its service users through ‘Uber credits’, which will allow the organisation to book free Uber rides for their clients when they have appointments or interviews to attend.

Uber is already working with charities across the UK to support elderly or vulnerable communities, providing free travel so that organisations can widen participation amongst their more vulnerable or isolated groups. Other partnerships include working with a charity supporting the elderly and those with early-stage dementia so that more of their beneficiaries can attend group events; and working with domestic abuse organisations so that vulnerable women can safely access secure accommodation.

LoveBrum is thrilled to bring Uber’s community partnership work to Birmingham. Uber joined forces with Birmingham-based charity LoveBrum in July 2018 to help create a brighter future for Birmingham communities.

Ann Powell, Manager of Smart Works Birmingham, commented:

“We are extremely grateful to Uber for offering support to our clients in this way. Each month we have clients who cancel appointments with us due to lack of funds for public transport. Also due to the vulnerability of so many of our clients, some may not attend job interviews because they suffer from anxiety at having to travel to an area they do not know.

Uber’s offer to assist with transport helps us to remove another obstacle from the job searching process and allows them to concentrate solely on the interview.”


smartworks.org.uk/birmingham | 0121 643 8109 | birmingham@smartworks.org.uk | @smartworksbham


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