04 May 2022

Patron Profile – Millennium Point

By Kathryn Simkiss
Here at LoveBrum, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Millennium Point  has joined LoveBrum as a Patron!


With their support, we can continue LoveBrum’s vital work within Brum. Thank you, Millennium Point!

Following the news, we caught up with CEO of Millennium Point, Abbie Vlahakis, to discuss our new partnership….


Tell us about your company and what it is you do?

Millennium Point is a landmark public building and a multi-award-winning venue in the Eastside of Birmingham city centre.

We’re home to 17 versatile event spaces, including a giant screen auditorium (formerly the first IMAX in the region). Our services can cater for a wide range of events from small meetings to large conferences, dinners, festivals, film premiers and esports tournaments.

We’re a destination for education and entertainment, and is home to Thinktank Science Museum, Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment and Mulinos Café.

Our charitable mission is to support the growth of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) education and industry in Birmingham and the west midlands.

Profits from our commercial activity is invested by our charity the Millennium Point Charitable Trust into projects, events, and initiatives support STEM education and industry in the West Midlands. Annually, this equates to an average of £4.8m.

What does the Birmingham/Midlands region mean to you?

To our organisation, Birmingham is a city of opportunity and the midlands a region of investment and innovation.

The midlands are one of the largest hubs for science and innovation within the UK. It’s home to several clusters of highly productive STEM industries which, we believe, are key to driving the future growth and innovation of the UK. We believe Birmingham is at the crux of this future, with the youngest population in Europe and the infrastructure and capital to drive STEM education and industry nationally and globally.

Why did you want to get involved with Lovebrum?

Birmingham is a city built on community with hundreds of projects and thousands of people volunteering their time to better support each other. LoveBrum embodies this community spirit and shines a light on the many projects and causes within the city. As a community driven organisation all about supporting people, we are getting involved with LoveBrum to meet likeminded leaders and participate in activities which further benefit the city.

What positive changes would you like to see happen?

We would like to see more businesses and industry get involved with local communities. From STEM industries providing outreach in underprivileged schools to businesses taking a lead on social responsibility to reduce homelessness, poverty, and damage to the environment. We are determined to lead by example and demonstrate that anyone can make a difference.


For more information, please log on to the Millennium Point website.

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