22 Mar 2021

OneBrum Cause: Bellagio Dance Studios

By Holly Moulton

OneBrum Cause, Bellagio Dance Studios, work to provide an affordable Dance School that Children can attend in Druids Heath, helping with their fitness, and wellbeing. 

For the last 5 years, Bellagio Dance Studios have been providing Children with Dance Skills, and more importantly, a focus and opportunities that they may not necessarily have had access to.  During the last 12 months, when the first National Lockdown struck, the 100+ children aged between 2 to 17  had to stop attending their Dance lessons, many in high rise flats, and for nearly 75% of that time, had very little access to Dance and exercise.  Due to the Pandemic, Bellagio have had to rearrange their Dance show now for a fourth time, with a new date scheduled for September 2021, but all this has come at additional costs.  With little to no income for the Dance School due to the lockdown restrictions, times have been hard for them, but their passion and commitment to the Children they teach means they are more determined than ever to be there for them, and come back fighting to put on an amazing Dance Show!

Funding from #OneBrum will help go towards the costs for the Dance Show – providing new Costumes, and extra hours of lessons to help the Children. 

How to donate to OneBrum: 

By donating just £1 or more to OneBrum, 100% of your donation supports local charities and community projects in Birmingham through this crisis and beyond.

Text ONEBRUM to 70085 to donate £1 (texts cost £1+ standard rate) Click here to donate £2+

Contact Details: 

You can contact Bellagio Dance studios via their:

Website: https://www.bdsdancestudios.uk/ 


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