14 Dec 2017

All good things come in threes: Miss England gives back to Birmingham

By Ashleigh Mills

L-R: LoveBrum Co-Founder and Trustee, PJ Ellis;  Tim Andrews, LoveBrum Chairman; Stephanie Hill, Miss England 2017; Leigh Perry, DMS Heart of England Music School Principle and Trustee; Angie Beasley, Director Miss England Limited.

At LoveBrum’s annual Christmas party, we had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful, Stephanie Hill – winner of Miss England 2017 and several members of the Miss England team.  The annual contest attracts thousands of entries each year, raising awareness and funds for charities across the country.  In the lead, up to 2017 final at The Vox, Resorts World, Miss England contestants raised awareness for Beauty with a Purpose – the global charity run by Miss World, which has raised in excess of £1 billion for disadvantaged children throughout the world and fundraised just over £3,000 for our very own charity, LoveBrum.

Miss World was keen to continue our working relationship post-final and kindly donated a further £6,000 to two local projects, of whom were unsuccessful during our monthly vote and were keen to provide a second chance!

During our ‘sports’ round in June, Villa Rockets, an independent football club, run solely by volunteers give young people in wheelchairs the opportunity to play football.   Their initial application was for additional sports equipment, but thanks to the generosity of Miss England’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ founders, they were given £4,000 to purchase a brand-new wheelchair!

Clive Morley, Villa Rockets Team Manager: “Thank you so much for this donation. It is truly amazing!  We’re actually meeting up with the Aston Villa Foundation later who publicise a lot of what we get up to, so we’ll try and get them to circulate the news about our new chair and who helped us get it.  Once again thank you for your generous donation. It is greatly appreciated.”

Also supported was DMS Heart of England Music School, showcased in September’s ‘education’ round.  The independent music school was founded 30 years ago, aiming to extend and outreach musical education to children and families, that may not otherwise have funding or access to music lessons in their curriculum.  With the £2,000 donation provided by Miss England, they have now purchased and supplied eight new keyboards to underfunded and disadvantaged schools in the surrounding local area.

Leigh Perry, DMS Heart of England Music School Principal and Trustee: “The team at DMS Heart of England Music School and I are so grateful to LoveBrum and, of course, Miss England, for the amazing donation to the school. We have bought an electric piano which is already being used to teach daily and will be used at our next concert ‘A Fusion of Music and Dance 2019’ at Symphony Hall. We also have more up to date keyboards for lessons in our studio, which is used by all of our students – children and adults! Pupils now have access to better quality instruments and this will make a great difference to all.”

On behalf of LoveBrum, we’d like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful team at Miss England and Beauty with a Purpose Foundation for providing the additional platform to support our projects that may not otherwise have received LoveBrum funding in 2017.  Each donation will go such a long way to supporting children in the Birmingham area.

Find out more about the great work Stephanie Hill (current Miss England) is doing in the UK and beyond here.  You can also follow her journey on Facebook – @missworldengland and on Twitter – @missenglandnews.

L-R: LoveBrum Chairman,Tim Andrews; Martin Mills, Villa Rockets; Stephanie Hill, Miss England 2017; Clive Morley, Villa Rockets Team Manager, Paul Brown and Amir Ali Villa Rockets; Angie Beasley, Director Miss England Limited and LoveBrum Co-Founder and Trustee, PJ Ellis

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