26 Apr 2021

Meet The Team: Michael Shepherd

By Holly Moulton

LoveBrum would not be able to operate without its incredible board of dedicated trustees. Each of them plays a vital role in helping spread understanding and awareness of our charity, and also supporting HQ with their various expertise.

Michael is a Certified Financial Planner at Beckford James Chartered Financial Planners and has been involved in many organisations over the years to help promote Brum. Michael joins LoveBrum as Causes Trustee!

Find out below why Michael loves Brum…


What’s your background and where are you based?

I am a Certified Financial Planner with Beckford James Chartered Financial Planners, providing independent financial planning advice to both private and corporate clients. I’ve worked in the profession for 22 years now and seen it change a lot for the better, which enables me to help my clients live their best life without the worry of running out of money.

I’ve also been involved in various organisations over the years that promote Brum, whether through providing help and support to Brummies or simply showcasing all we have to offer.


What does your trustee role entail?

I am responsible for our fantastic causes, how we approach, engage and fund the region’s small charities, community groups and local projects. I aim to build strong connections between our causes and membership base to help further the great work that LoveBrum are already undertaking successfully.


Why do you love Brum?

I’ve grown up in Brum and I’ve seen it develop from a place you’d mention under your breath to something worth shouting about. We’re the fighter, the underdog who can work as one community with a smile on our face, regardless of any struggles we face, always willing to help each other out for the greater good. There is simply no better place in the UK to live and work!


What projects are you passionate about?

I love the fact that we support grassroots causes that get right to the soul of Brum. In particular, homelessness is of great concern coming out the other end of the pandemic and as a fully solvable issue, it’s a no brainer to tackle that head-on, alongside all of our other projects.


Preferred social media handle?

@mshepherdcfp or LinkedIn

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