13 Apr 2022


By Linzie Phillips

What’s your name, background and where are you based?

Hi, my name is Linzie, I’m a mom of 2, I’ve lived most of my life in Birmingham and have chosen to raise my children here too.

Why do you love Brum?

I love Birmingham for its diversity and inclusivity. It really is a place where everyone comes together as a community, especially when people are in need. Birmingham really has a togetherness feeling.

Why do you enjoy working for LoveBrum?

LoveBrum is a charity that I have known of for a number of years and I idolise the work they do within the City and the way they unify everyone whilst helping amazing projects. I am very excited to join the team!

What projects are you passionate about?

I am very passionate about charity work and helping people, especially those less fortunate than ourselves. In my spare time, I am a voluntary carer for a Birmingham City FC disabled supporters’ group. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces is what really inspires me and fills my heart with love.

Preferred social media handle?

You can contact me on social media via Twitter @LinzieP17 where you will also see my passion for BCFC and the F1!

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