08 Jun 2020

Meet The Team: Holly Moulton

Meet The Team: Holly Moulton

By Holly Moulton

What’s your name, background and where are you based?

Hello! My name’s Holly and I am the Fundraising & Membership Executive here at LoveBrum. I will be looking to develop and deliver LoveBrum’s fundraising strategies, as well as liaising with our key supporters and members.

Originally from Staffordshire, I have worked and lived in Birmingham for the whole of my career, starting out as concert staff for both the NEC & Arena Birmingham. 

I began working within the Charity Industry in 2015. It was never the plan to work for a charity, but now I can honestly say no other job will ever compare!

Why do you love Brum?

Being from such a small town, Birmingham has always amazed me. The sense of community within the city honestly makes me feel like I’m home.

Birmingham has always been so good to me. I’m so happy that by joining LoveBrum I can begin to return the favour…

Why do you enjoy working for LoveBrum?

There are so many projects in Birmingham that are deserving of funding, and as an individual you want to fund as many as you possibly can. Here at LoveBrum, you are given the chance to do just that and I think that’s just wonderful. For me, it certainly makes getting out of bed in the morning a lot easier knowing what we do is truly making a difference to our beloved city.

What projects are you passionate about?

For me, what’s magical about Birmingham is how diverse the city is, so any projects that bring people together I think are wonderful.

I’ve also always had a passion for projects engaging with the Youth. I want kids to dream big! They are our future and I believe it’s our responsibility to give them all the tools they need to make the world a better place.

Preferred social media handle?

You can find me on…

Instagram: @hollymoulton

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