22 Nov 2018

Meet the Team: Tara Tomes

By Kate Grantham

Managing Director of EAST VILLAGE., Tara Tomes, is a proud service patron of LoveBrum and has supported LoveBrum since the very beginning. EAST VILLAGE. provides PR support for LoveBrum, from putting together press releases to keep you up to date with the latest LoveBrum news, to sharing their creative ideas to help us make a real impact across Brum! LoveBrum service patrons support, protect and champion our charity services. These may include media, marketing, print, advertising and accounting partnerships.

Not only does Tara support LoveBrum through her business, but also on a personal level as one of our amazing charity ambassadors! Our ambassadors play a key role in helping to increase awareness of LoveBrum and representing LoveBrum across their social and business networks.

Find out why Tara loves Brum…

What’s your background and where are you based?

I have been in Birmingham since I was about three months old; I was born in London, where my Mum had always lived, but my Dad won the battle and we moved here when I was still a baby. I think my Dad just wanted to make sure his thick Brummie accent was passed down to me as early as possible!

I grew up here, went to school and college here, and only moved away for uni when I popped over to Leicester for a four-year hiatus. Whilst at uni, I did a placement year down in London at Stella McCartney and had planned to stay down south, but I joined a great PR agency back up here and my love for the city just continued to grow. And here I am now!

Now that I’m old (32 and counting!) I live in Dickens Heath, which is pretty much the countryside to me, having lived in the city centre for five years and then out in Harborne. I absolutely love it – I still get to travel into the city centre every day for work and be part of the exciting changes happening, but then I have this quiet, green sanctuary every evening and weekend that just makes you really appreciate living in a city as amazing as Birmingham.

Why did East Village choose to become a patron?

I’d already known Tim and PJ for a couple of years before they set up LoveBrum, having worked with them on another charity fundraiser. I just loved them from the start; both proper Brummie lads, passionate about helping other people and making a change.

When LoveBrum was launching, I was fully behind everything that it stood for. I knew all too well about donor fatigue and feeling like your time and money wasn’t going directly to the cause, so being able to support a charity that was all about giving that power back to people was just a no-brainer.

I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to give back when they’re in a position to do so, and I always wanted that to be reflected in EAST VILLAGE., which is why we signed up as patrons. We’ve got a team of dedicated professionals that have a skillset that can really help to shout about the successes of LoveBrum, and that’s what we’re dedicated to doing!

Why do you love Brum?

Without doubt, the people. Everywhere you go, no matter the circumstance, you’ll meet people full of personality! Whether it’s an ambition to succeed in their career, a passion for helping others, or just a great sense of humour meeting a stranger on the street, Brummies never fail to put a smile on my face.

As everyone knows, we haven’t been great at shouting about Birmingham in the past, but this really has changed in the past few years and the city is now full of opportunity! New developments like Paradise in progress across the city, big businesses like HSBC moving up from London, and of course an investment in infrastructure projects like HS2 and the latest airport plans… we’ve got so much going for us, and finally we’re proud to be Brummies!

What projects are you passionate about?

Every charity that LoveBrum promotes and supports has its merits; from the smallest community groups through to established charities.

I am really passionate about anything relating to homelessness though; the problem is a real epidemic in the city and something that we have to address because hundreds of people are needlessly on the streets. It’s no easy task, mind, but there are some incredible projects happening across the city to help support people; from food banks and soup kitchens, to mental health assistance and employability schemes. Each and every one of these is an essential piece of a much bigger puzzle.

That said, I love that LoveBrum highlights new charities every month, giving us all the chance to do some good and support a range of much-needed causes.

Preferred social media handle?

@taratomes and you can see what the team is up to @eastvillagepr

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