16 May 2019

Meet the Team: PJ Ellis

By Kate Grantham

PJ Ellis is Commercial Director at Lightbox, the digital agency that created and support LoveBrum’s website. A true advocate of all things Brum, PJ co-founded LoveBrum in 2014 and now sits on our board of trustees.

LoveBrum would not be able to operate without its incredible board of dedicated trustees. Each of them plays a vital role in helping spread understanding and awareness of our charity, and also supporting HQ with their various expertise.

Find out why PJ loves Brum…

What’s your background and where are you based?

Birmingham born and bred, I co-founded LoveBrum in 2014 and have loved every second of ‘it’ ever since.

Day-job-wise, I switched from a career in Law to a career in digital about 6 years ago and am now the co-owner of the digital marketing agency, Lightbox. We have a team of 19 and are based in the delightful St. Paul’s Square.

What does your trustee role entail?

I think that because I have been around this project from the very start, it’s quite difficult to ‘describe’ my role within the organisation. Strictly speaking I ‘head-up’ the corporate membership side of the charity, but naturally this is often picked up by our amazing team at HQ. I am so lucky to have a massive amount of messages about LoveBrum on a weekly basis and – whether they’re about funding, fundraising, events, or partnerships – I put them in front of Paul, Kate, Hannah or Kathryn who pick them up so well.

After that, I am asked to do a number of talks about the charity – where it’s been and where it’s going – so I like to see me as a brand ambassador, one of the faces to the organisation, and I strive to do it the best service on a daily basis.

That’s probably as clear as mud!?

Why do you Love Brum?

Why wouldn’t I? It really is amazing. I, like many others, went to London to find my pot of gold, and soon came back to the city with my tail between my legs, quickly realising that all the opportunities were here.

Without needing to mention canals, football clubs, industrial revolutions, Jasper, Lenny, Glynn, or Ozzy (although I clearly did) Birmingham has layers of excellence everywhere you look. It has a history, it has a now, and it certainly has a future. Add to that the rich tapestry of our community, and you have a good egg.

I was once asked (by the Cabinet Office) whether LoveBrum could be ‘franchised’ across different cities.  I have no doubt that it could; however, I’m not sure it would have achieved the traction as quickly as it has anywhere outside of Brum – there are people everywhere just wanting to help others.

What projects are you passionate about?

Corny as this may sound, but all of them. I still make sure I learn about all of the projects that we support – and there are lots of them – and I am forever blown away about how diverse they are – about how much amazing work is taking place right under our noses.

If I am pushed to give an answer, projects supporting issues around mental health, the elderly, participation, disabilities and sick children will always be close to my heart. But with causes that are focused on other issues around homelessness, education, arts and culture, animals, disease etc. it just shows how LoveBrum is so all-encompassing and accessible.

Preferred social media handle?

@BRUMMIE_PJ | @LightboxLife

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