21 Jun 2018

Meet the team: Kate Grantham

By Kate Grantham

Not just proud advocates of the city, our staff are passionate about delivering real change to Birmingham and are the glue that holds our LoveBrum family together. Our small team at LoveBrum HQ are an active and diverse ship, consisting of some fantastic drivers to keep the charity running smoothly. Our team at HQ make things happen, running operations such as our cause selection and funding process, they ensure you’re getting the most out of your membership, actively support fundraisers, manage events and much more!

Find out why Kate loves Brum…

What’s your name, background and where are you based?

I’m Kate Grantham, Operations Manager at LoveBrum. I am responsible for the day to day running of all things LoveBrum, supporting our causes and members. Should you ever have a query about anything LoveBrum, I’m usually the person you’ll speak to!

I studied German and Italian at the University of Manchester and spent a year living abroad and studying at Università di Bologna in Italy and Universität Heidelberg in Germany.

Why do you love Brum?

I grew up in Chester in the North West so Birmingham is my adopted city. I moved here after finishing university and instantly felt how exciting a place Birmingham is to live in. The city has so much going on and is full of such diverse people and cultures, and I really feel at home here.

Why do you enjoy working for LoveBrum?

I have always been unsure about my career path but ultimately knew that I loved working with people, so LoveBrum felt like the perfect fit! When I came across LoveBrum, I was amazed by the charity’s totally unique way of operating and I felt excited to be part of something so special.

LoveBrum has given me the opportunity to meet and work with a huge variety of people each and every day, whilst also allowing me to do my own part in giving back to the wonderful communities across the city.

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know some of the smaller corners of our city and the incredible people playing their part to make our beautiful city even better, whether that be our volunteer-led causes, or our fantastic partners who get involved in numerous ways to help our organisation grow.

What projects are you passionate about?

Having met and worked with the causes that LoveBrum support, it’s so hard not to say all of them! Working with LoveBrum is so humbling and all the projects we work with are so deserving of what LoveBrum has to offer.

But if I have to give a definitive answer, as the daughter of a vet, and owner of two beautiful cats, animal projects are always very close to my heart.

Preferred social media handle?

@kategrantham91 – where you can check out my two beautiful cats ??

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