07 Nov 2017

Meet the team: Emma Jones

By Ashleigh Mills

Managing Director of AllinAll Events, Emma Jones is a treasured ambassador and service patron of LoveBrum.  A valued flag bearer since inception, Emma has provided her event management support throughout the annual calendar and heads up our annual fundraiser, the Curry King of Birmingham.

LoveBrum service patrons support, protect and champion our charity services, these may include media, marketing, print, advertising and accounting partnerships.  By collaborating with LoveBrum, we bring your business to be at the forefront of the charity, providing tailored benefits to each individual provider.

Find out why Emma loves Brum…

What’s your name, background and where are you based?

Emma Jones, Managing Director of AllinAll Events & All Hospitality Ltd, our offices are based on the Hagley Road, Birmingham.

Why do you love Brum?

I adore the city’s buzz. The businesses, attractions and the city’s people are all amazing! I’ve enjoyed growing my business from scratch whilst the city grows itself. It’s a city I’m certainly proud of!

Why did AllinAll choose to become a service patron?

We love the whole ethos of what LoveBrum is – a charity that champions local causes and businesses is certainly a charity we wanted to grow alongside as a small Birmingham based business.

What projects are you passionate about?

All projects! I think LoveBrum’s way of working with every possible project that they can is inspirational, all projects are to be passionate about.

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