22 May 2018

Meet the Team: Dave Reed

By Kate Grantham

Strategy and Planning Director of Giants & Titans, Dave Reed is a proud service patron of LoveBrum. Giants & Titans provide creative support to LoveBrum and you’ll have seen their beautifully crafted work across LoveBrum, including our latest Impact Report.

LoveBrum service patrons support, protect and champion our charity services. These may include media, marketing, print, advertising and accounting partnerships. By collaborating with LoveBrum, we bring your business to the forefront of the charity, providing tailored benefits to each individual provider.

Find out why Dave loves Brum…

What’s your background and where are you based?

We’re based in the heart of our great city, on Newhall Street. Our three owners (Dave, Gray & Paul) have been working in agencies for more than 15 years and, about 5 years ago, decided that we could do a better job than our bosses! So we set up G&T, where we beautifully craft creative solutions for clients here in Birmingham and all around the world.

Why did Giants & Titans choose to become a patron?

Agencies often have bad reputations – they can be seen as only being interested in the almighty pound. Sometimes that’s justified, but at G&T we want to not only look after our clients and team but also contribute something positive to the wider community, so when Tim Andrews asked for creative agencies who could help the cause, we jumped at the chance to get involved.

Why do you love Brum?

For us, it’s all about the talent that’s here. In the agency world we constantly hear that London is the place to go for the best creatives, top programmers and premium clients but that’s just not true! The people in our team are all Brummies and are bursting with talent. The huge diversity of businesses in and around Birmingham means that we can flex our creative muscles on a whole range of challenges every day which is awesome!

What projects are you passionate about?

With 8 kids in our agency family and an unofficial motto of “Family comes first”, the LoveBrum projects that inspire us the most are those which have a family bias. Last year, we loved hearing about the Society of Parents of Children with Cancer (SPoCC) thanks to LoveBrum – what an amazing idea and a wonderful cause.

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