17 Jun 2019

Meet the Team: Dannie Barnicle

By Kate Grantham

Our incredible team of ambassadors work hard to spread the word about LoveBrum across the city and in their own communities, representing the charity wherever they go!

Dannie Barnicle became part of the LoveBrum family in 2018 and since then has been part of our Membership Committee, helping to grow our membership numbers and has been the key contact for the rest of our ambassador team. In 2018, she volunteered at the Lunar Festival and Moseley Folk Festival, as well as during our Bags for Brummies campaign. Not only that, but Dannie heroically took on 2018’s Birmingham Half Marathon in the pouring rain having never been a runner before and has continued her running success by running the Great Birmingham 10k earlier this year. We’re so grateful for her ongoing support of the charity.

Find out why Dannie loves Brum…

What’s your background and where are you based?

Birmingham Bred, but not born, all of my family are from Birmingham and have been for quite some time. I left Birmingham for four years to study Law with Business at the University of Portsmouth with an integrated placement in Surrey. I came back to Birmingham to start my career journey at Aston University as a Placement Coordinator and now as an Employer Engagement Executive, so I develop and maintain relationships with employers that can offer our students placements and/or graduate jobs.

Outside of work I am involved with LoveBrum as an ambassador and also sit on LoveBrum’s Membership Committee. I also volunteer with a homeless outreach team and the Birmingham Christmas Shelter, as well as Future Faces.

Why do you Love Brum?

It is only until I moved away for uni that I realised I loved Brum. When I came back I saw all of the hidden gems and the amazing work that many people around Birmingham do, the new, independent restaurants and bars that are always popping up and the great networking events that bring all the talent together are great. I think finally people are noticing the second city!

Why did you choose to become an ambassador of LoveBrum?

I chose to become an ambassador as I thought it would be a brilliant way to get involved with hidden causes and raise more awareness of these as well as awareness of Brum in general. It is also a great way to meet many people in different sectors and areas of work.

What projects are you passionate about?

The causes each month are very unique and each go out to achieve something that helps a particular group in Birmingham, for me I am always particularly passionate about helping those people who are living on the streets or don’t have some of luxuries that we take for granted.

Preferred social media handle?

LinkedIn is my go to 🙂 www.linkedin.com/in/daniella-barnicle-82798aa4

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