04 May 2021

LoveBrum Learning: Top Tips for Boosting your Employability Skills After Covid19

By Holly Moulton

The Covid-19 pandemic has had wide-reaching effects across our whole region, with employment opportunities being particularly impacted as businesses large and small try to navigate their way through the events which have affected us all. It has also been revealed that job opportunities for young people have been most severely impacted. As the youngest city in Europe, this is of particular concern for our region.

As we now collectively look to our national roadmap out of lockdown, and as the Furlough scheme draws to a close over the next six months, concerningly the true impact on employment may still be yet to come.

Throughout the last year, LoveBrum has been working to support our region and those most impacted by the pandemic with our OneBrum campaign. As part of this, and as we look to the future, we want to support those who are concerned about their future employment opportunities.

In this lively and interactive discussion, we were joined by a leading panel of employment experts who shared their thoughts and expertise on how best to stand out from the crowd, and how to make your mark, in a competitive job market…

A huge thank you to; Rebecca Simkiss, Serena Sale, Christy Acton, Andrea Hill, Anna Powell and Laurence Sutton for taking part in this edition of LoveBrum Learning.


Where to begin when trying to search for your next job?


How can candidates make their CV shine?


How can we prepare for interviews in the new norm?


How can we make the best online rapport with the Interviewer?


What are the key differences between 1-1 and group interviews?


What are your top tips for the Interview process?


You’ve had the interview – what’s your advice for follow up etiquette? Part One


You’ve had the interview – what’s your advice for follow up etiquette? Part Two


How can candidates move forward from a no?


Our Panel share their advice for candidates going through the employment process as we start to move forward from the pandemic…


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