16 May 2018

Why do we love Brum? Here are 5 reasons!

By Kate Grantham

By Leigh Price


Birmingham is a fantastic city, which is why we’re so invested in supporting projects here, but what is it about the place we love so much? Here are five things we think make Brum so special…

1. We invented heavy metal

In 1970, Birmingham boys Black Sabbath took the world by storm and created a whole new genre of music in the process. And that was only the beginning of a rich, vibrant music scene that continues to this day, with huge names like Led Zeppelin, ELO, Duran Duran, Ocean Colour Scene and Editors calling the city home over the years.

2. We also invented the Balti

Beyond the obvious Indian origins of Balti, the specific dish was the invention of Mohammed Ajaib, a Birmingham-based immigrant to Britain, who wanted to create a dish that stood out in the boom of Indian cuisine in the 70s.

3. Excellent bars and restaurants

And since we gave the world Balti cuisine, it should be no surprise that our bar and restaurant scene is one of the best around. We have all those Michelin stars flying around, but beyond that the diversity of places means you’re unlikely to struggle to find a place to eat or grab a pint that suits

4. More canals than Venice

We’ve all heard this claim, which can sometimes seem a little silly, but there’s no denying that a walk along the canals near Brindleyplace is an iconic part of Birmingham life.

5. We’re constantly adapting

From our history as a grey concrete industrial city, we’re steadily improving ourselves. Sure, at times we can appear to be a city constantly under construction, but when the results are things like the new library or the tram system, it’s hard to deny that it’s paying off.

Clearly, we’re proud of our city. What do you love about Brum? Let us know via impact@lovebrum.org.uk

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