03 May 2019

Impact Week 2019: Wellcat

By Kate Grantham

To celebrate Impact Week 2019, we’re sharing the stories of just some of the amazing organisations LoveBrum has funded, thanks to your help. Whether you’ve been with us since the very start, or only just joined as a member, you’ve helped to tackle local issues to truly make a difference to people’s lives across our city, taking us forward together.

Quinton-based Wellcat is run solely by volunteers and has been rescuing cats across Birmingham for more than 50 years. The charity focuses on rehabilitation and rehoming, aiming to find each cat in their care a loving new home.


Wellcat cares for up to 150 cats at any one time and, due to growing numbers, was in desperate need of additional space for kittens. The funding from LoveBrum enabled Wellcat to install a new custom-built facility with separate pens for individual litters. Without the funding, Wellcat would, sadly, have been forced to turn pregnant cats and kittens away, and wait until funds were available to build new accommodation.

Where are they now?

In the first ‘kitten season’ since the new facility opened, Wellcat was able to take in an additional 12 new mothers, which meant it was able to provide care for 50 more kittens than the previous year. This new unit has also freed up old space, which can now be used to hand-rear kittens, meaning Wellcat can take more orphaned kittens than ever before.

Find out more about the amazing work Wellcat do by visiting their original LoveBrum profile.

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