02 May 2019

Impact Week 2019: Midland Freewheelers

By Kate Grantham

To celebrate Impact Week 2019, we’re sharing the stories of just some of the amazing organisations LoveBrum has funded, thanks to your help. Whether you’ve been with us since the very start, or only just joined as a member, you’ve helped to tackle local issues to truly make a difference to people’s lives across our city, taking us forward together.

Midland Freewheelers provides a free emergency blood and medical essentials delivery service to NHS facilities 24 hours per day. The charity receives no government or NHS funding and is run by volunteers.


From transporting blood, Midland Freewheelers has grown and will carry anything of a medical nature including blood, human tissue samples, x-rays, patient notes, as well as breast milk for premature babies.

Midland Freewheelers was able to use LoveBrum funding to purchase Cytotoxic boxes to grow their service and deliver urgent Chemotherapy drugs to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. This particular drug has a shelf life of only 90 minutes and the bikers are able to deliver this in half the time of a 4 wheeled vehicle. The charity also purchased Milkbank boxes as their demand for emergency breast milk grew by 10% in 2017. This has allowed the team to double the milk they can carry, avoiding the need for two separate journeys.

Where are they now?

In 2019, Midland Freewheelers reached the incredible milestone of completing 10,000 jobs delivering life saving medical essentials to patients across Birmingham.

Find out more about the amazing work Midland Freewheelers do by visiting their original LoveBrum profile.

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