30 Apr 2019

Impact Week 2019: Up and Downs

By Kate Grantham

To celebrate Impact Week 2019, we’re sharing the stories of just some of the amazing organisations LoveBrum has funded, thanks to your help. Whether you’ve been with us since the very start, or only just joined as a member, you’ve helped to tackle local issues to truly make a difference to people’s lives across our city, taking us forward together.

Up and Downs is a support group for children with Down’s syndrome and their families. The group meets regularly for children to play and make new friends, and for parents to help and support one another.


Speech and language development can often be delayed in children with Down’s syndrome, with many using Makaton, a combination of signs and symbols alongside speech, to communicate.

The funding from LoveBrum helped to fulfil the needs of its rapidly growing membership, by covering the cost of training a trustee in Makaton signing. This training was then delivered to parents, eliminating the frustration of being unable to communicate meaningfully and effectively with their children. The funding also enabled Up and Downs to purchase Makaton books and DVDs, building a resource library for parents to borrow from.

Where are they now?

The number of families that Up and Downs supports has now tripled, and there re now 90 families who attend a variety of support sessions offered by the charity.

Find out more about the amazing work Up and Downs do by visiting their original LoveBrum profile.

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