17 May 2018

Impact Week 2018: Solihull Life Opportunities (SoLO)

By Kate Grantham

In celebration of LoveBrum’s first ‘Impact Week’, we’re sharing the stories of the people who’ve benefited from LoveBrum’s support, demonstrating the impact LoveBrum has delivered in Birmingham.

Project aim

Solihull Life Opportunities (SoLO) works to add value to the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities, as well as their parents and carers. They provide leisure and social opportunities, and enhanced services such as employment, supported volunteering and meaningful daytime activities such as arts and crafts or cooking lessons.

SoLO believes that people with learning disabilities often miss out on enjoying many opportunities activities and experiences that others take for granted, and are working hard to change this.

Where are they now?

With the £2,000 of funding from LoveBrum, SoLO was able to purchase an interactive whiteboard to aid communication and training. They now run weekly sessions using this facility to enable profoundly disabled people to be actively involved in programmes tailored to their specific needs and aid them in becoming active members of the community.


SoLO works with 700 children and adults with learning disabilities and 150 benefit from use of the interactive whiteboard each week through various projects and training sessions.

Where it all began…

Find out more about the amazing work that SoLO do, by visiting their original LoveBrum profile here.

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