14 May 2018

Impact Week 2018: Birmingham Greyhound Protection

By Ashleigh Mills

In celebration of LoveBrum’s first ‘Impact Week’, we’re sharing the stories of the people who’ve benefited from LoveBrum’s support, demonstrating the impact LoveBrum has delivered in Birmingham.

Project aim

Birmingham Greyhound Protection works to rescue greyhounds from the greyhound racing industry. These dogs come to the protection in extremely poor physical and mental condition. There are limited places available in mainstream rescues so Birmingham Greyhound Protection helps as many dogs who fall through this system as possible and provides them with immediate veterinary attention.

All of the rescued greyhounds are given veterinary care and very often need additional treatment such as dental work, spaying or neutering. Birmingham Greyhound Protection receives no funding, relying solely on donations and so turned to LoveBrum for help with their ever-growing veterinary bills.

Where are they now?

Birmingham Greyhound Protection is continuing to work to rescue as many greyhounds as possible from all over the world. They have a growing dedicated team of fosterers who look after the 40 dogs currently in their care and have successfully rehomed over 700 hounds!


£2,000 allowed Birmingham Greyhound Protection to rescue 4 additional greyhounds and provide them with necessary veterinary care. The 4 dogs now have a loving new home.

Where it all began…

Find out more about the amazing work Kerry and the Birmingham Greyhound Protection do, by visiting their original LoveBrum profile here.


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