25 Sep 2017

How to Vote

By Ashleigh Mills

Power to the people! We’re a democracy here at LoveBrum and proud of it. Every vote counts and your voice makes all the difference – a real difference to our beautiful city.

A few things have changed around here, a new website – complete with bells and whistles.  And we’re making improvements daily to ensure our valued members have better access to events, exclusive features and most importantly, to vote.  If you need a helping hand to make sure your vote is registered?  Here’s our friendly foolproof guide!

LoveBrum Member

1. If you are an existing LoveBrum member, you first need to ‘Login‘.

2. This tab can be found on to top right-hand corner of the website.

3. Enter the email address registered to your LoveBrum account (the same address receiving our weekly ‘Cause of the Week’ email reminders).

4. Enter your password (don’t forget to tick the ”Remember Me” box – it’ll make things easier next time!).

5. If you’ve forgotten your password, click here to reset.  Alternatively, contact HQ directly at hello@lovebrum.org.uk or 0121 270 5274.

6. Click ”Login” and you’re in!

7. Click the vote tab, top right-hand corner of the website again.

8. Simply select the box next to your preferred project and click “submit”. and you’re done and you have done your bit towards making Brum a better place!

9.  Please expect a confirmation email to confirm your vote.

10.  Share the love.  Be proud that you’re continuing to support local, making a tangible change to projects that need it most!


If you’re a not a member of LoveBrum (we definitely think you should be!), your voice still matters! To participate and vote, follow these simple steps:

1. Go directly to the ‘Vote‘ tab on the top right-hand corner of the website

2. As above, select the box next to your preferred project and click “Submit”.

3. You’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address (nothing more!) – to register your vote.

4. Check your inbox.  Expect a short email from us, containing a link which will contain a verification link.

5. Click the verification link!  NOTE: If you don’t verify your vote, it won’t be counted.

6. Expect a second confirmation email to confirm your vote has been registered.

7. Give yourself a pat on back.  Just five minutes of your time delivers real change to our beautiful city.

8. Oh, and don’t forget to share with friends and family too!

What are you waiting for? Click here to register your vote today. Thank you, Brum!

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