Five Key Personality Traits of Charitable People

By Kate Grantham

By Oxbridge Home Learning, Corporate Member of LoveBrum

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It’s a universal question, ‘What does it mean to be charitable?’ Is it gift giving, an act of kindness or goodwill gestures? Is it being selfless or knowing how and when to help others when needed? Is it inherent or learned? Or simply, is charity something people offer to make a difference to causes they care about or have been affected by? That’s a lot of questions, but they simmer down to one truth: everyone can be charitable. However, why we contribute can be linked to psychology or specific personality traits. Oxbridge Home Learning discusses the BIG FIVE traits present in charitable people.


Extroverts are recognised for their outgoing nature. They’re the heart of the party, very sociable, and are networking masters. They love to express themselves, share ideas and take risks, feeding on the energy of the surrounding crowds. Apply these characteristics to a charitable person and you’ve a potential ambassador with the knack for championing good causes, celebrating wellbeing, and presenting the benefits and effects of making a difference in relatable ways. First impressions are critical for engagement, so extroverts will think quickly to entertain and communicate their ideas.


Agreeable types get a big thumbs up for their virtue, honesty and compassionate nature. Always ready to help, they’re pro-humanity, approach situations and others in positive ways, and are open to opportunities that make a difference. Closely linked to altruism, people with this trait are more motivated to engage in selfless acts of kindness, generosity or charity to support those around them. Due to their affable, trusting character, agreeable types are often well-liked. So, when encouraging others to get on board with charity and voluntary work or to assist others, they’re often successful.


Dependable, focused and disciplined can best describe conscientious types. They’re goal-driven, thrive on achievement, are always planning,  anticipating future changes, attending to details, and adapting their approach for the best results. An ideal trait for those loyal to a cause, these types harbour an uncanny ability to solve problems, they’re hardworking, have a strong desire to learn but above all, they’re relentlessly committed and are unlikely to quit until they succeed. How does this help others? Imagine someone solution-focused who’s dedicated to delivering impactful  opportunities.


Trying to connect neuroticism and charitability together? Sure, neurotics get a lot of flak and often showcase signs of emotional instability. However, in small doses, neuroticism is advantageous. How? Neurotics have keen self-awareness and are hyperaware of their surroundings. Using their cynicism, they propel themselves forward to achieve more, are usually energetic and are overly productive for fear of missing out, stagnating or
wasting good opportunities. Because they’re always preparing for the worst scenario, they’re often aware and concerned for the health of others.


Associated with creativity, imagination and curiosity, open-minded folk are receptive to fresh experiences, people and ideas, crave adventure, and have a broad range of interests. Because of this, they can adapt to virtually any situation. Due to their intellectual awareness and appreciation of the world, people sharing these traits are more insightful. They also share a readiness to participate, discover ways to help others, and engage in activities, events and idea generation. There’s always room for a flexible do-gooder in any charity working wonders for several unique businesses and people.

Where Do You Fit on the Spectrum?

We’re all different, but we all share personality traits within these five categories, which cover a wide spectrum of characteristics, features and behaviours. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where you stand. That’s not important. It doesn’t matter if you’re passive or assertive, outgoing or reserved, structured or flexible.

What does matter is that no matter your personality type, you have the capacity to make a difference by getting involved.

Yes, you heard me, INVOLVEMENT is what matters most. The Big Five traits define us, but it’s a choice to be charitable.

Did you know, in the UK last year, the total amount given to charity increased to £10.3 billion? (Charity Aid Foundation). This is the result of donations, sponsorships, petitions, demonstrations and people’s involvement in charitable activities. As a nation, we’ve raised awareness and supported amazing causes, such as medical research, children and young adults, animal welfare, hospitals and hospices, as well as provide overseas relief or vital aid to people in disadvantaged countries.

It’s why everyone at Oxbridge Home Learning are avid ambassadors of LoveBrum. Supporting some seriously incredible causes and gem projects, its members have been instilling hope, joy and opportunity into communities all around Birmingham since 2015. Proud of their city, they’re always searching for likeminded people to push the city to even greater heights. Are you proud of your city? No matter where you are on the spectrum, discover how you can make a difference today!

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