Becky’s Run For Brum!

LoveBrum Trustee, Rebecca Simkiss, is starting off 2021 on the right foot – quite literally!

“Starting on the 1st January, I will be taking part in a 100KM challenge to help support LoveBrum’s campaign, #OneBrum  – providing vital support to Birmingham’s communities through this pandemic and beyond.

Having only really started running in 2020 after, like so many, swapping my usual after work events and drinks (remember those?!) with a pair of trainers and a couch to 10K app, I want to do something that will challenge me, and hopefully raise some funds for LoveBrum too.

I usually refer to myself as “not a natural runner”, and so running a total 100KM between 1st and 31st Jan isn’t going to be easy for me.

More than the physical effort, time isn’t something I have a lot of. So it will take planning and effort to make sure I put my running shoes on every day whilst also running a business, having three other very busy board director positions, and trying to get our chocolate Labrador puppy to actually realise her name is “Bailey”, rather than “treats” which is what she usually only responds to when we need her to come in from outside.

Now running is not for everyone, I am not even sure it is for me! However, I would like to ask everyone who reads this to think about doing something that will help to shake off the January Blues, and set a personal goal or challenge to fundraise for LoveBrum’s OneBrum campaign.

Maybe like me you want to run 100K, or maybe walk, swim or cycle. Maybe you want to really give Dry January a try (a step too far for me!), there are lots of goals you can set. All I would like to do is ask that everyone who sets their own challenge commits to raising just £100 for LoveBrum’s OneBrum campaign.

If not, then please do support me in donating to my 100KM Run for Brum, every penny helps and will be appreciated.

Thank you.”

If you can, please consider supporting Becky via her JustGiving Page:

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