12 Aug 2016

Driven by the Love of Brum

By Ashleigh Mills


Love Brum – two words which when said together can sound more like an instruction, rather than a Birmingham-made charity that supports local hidden gem projects across our amazing city! But I’m guessing you already knew that, right? And didn’t, like me, think LoveBrum was the official fan club for the little fella below, who had a TV programme narrated by fellow brummie Toyah Wilcox.

But once I did some research, and asked about, I found out that LoveBrum was about the promotion, recognition and most of all the help and support it offers hard-to- reach projects in the city. LoveBrum is a place where proud brummies can get involved and get things done as a collective.

We all know what makes Birmingham such a great city, and it’s not just down to attracting national and global business investment and the world-class events hosted by the city. In short, what makes Birmingham is the people. It’s how we go about things. It’s what we do, and what we don’t do. It’s what we say – and I don’t mean that literally…alright bab. It’s encapsulated in what we brummies stand up for. It’s like when I was at school and I was picked on, but there was someone in the class that would stick up for me. Sometimes the most unlikely of character who just had that brummie way of saying: “leave her alone, she’s alright”. It’s that sort of character which comes through when helping out and sticking up for small charities. It’s the helping hand of a grant and a 12 month programme of business and marketing advice provided by expert volunteers which really does make all the difference.

So if reading this has made you think – yep, I want get on board with the LoveBrum movement, then click here – for more details.

Birmingham, let’s do this!

Written by Karen Blanchette.  For credit on social media please use: @cupnstring for Twitter. You can find me at Kay Bee on Facebook.

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