22 Mar 2019

Corporate member Oxbridge relaunches with a more human learning brand

By Kate Grantham

We’ve some encouraging news to share with our LoveBrum family, and one that’s changing the face of education scene for learners both regionally across Birmingham, but also nationwide across the UK.

Getting a good education with the right support network is crucial to the growth of Birmingham. That’s why we’re happy to announce that our award-winning corporate partner Matt Jones and his college, Oxbridge, have been working hard these past nine months on something rather special.

A rebrand that enhances all Oxbridge is known for: award-winning courses, unlimited tutor support to create a brand that’s more human and enriched by technologies to bring students closer to lifestyle goals.

Dropping the ‘home learning’ from its name, the new Oxbridge is a platform for personal empowerment that shatters the stigma of eLearning and inspires people to learn without limits anytime, anywhere, anyhow. The fresh look echoes modern trends, with motivating colours, friendlier fonts, and a smiling logo that reflects its values: warm & approachable, upbeat & positive, committed, generous, free-spirited and genuinely caring.

Their new theme has been designed with technology in mind, and Oxbridge have been riding that wave with innovations into artificial intelligence (A.I.), such as assistive virtual tutors and an ultra-personalised learning system that enables tutors to support learners as much as they need virtually around the clock.

Community, much like at LoveBrum, is everything, and the new Oxbridge is about real stories from real people and cultivating a culture that creates ambassadors. Lifelong learning is a lifestyle Oxbridge is focused on amplifying 100x.

Matt Jones, founder and director of Oxbridge, said:

“Distance learning isn’t a new concept. The concept has been around since the 1700s. With the internet, it evolved to accessing course content online. The modern innovation, and one Oxbridge is pioneering, is making distance learning more human and fun. In fact, we’re discarding the distance from distance learning to connect people to their lifestyle goals.”

“As one of the original innovators of home learning,” adds Matt, “I’ve seen the marketplace grow and the impact education has on people’s lives. I’m now taking distance learning in a bold direction with a whole new Oxbridge that says ‘screw you’ to the stigma surrounding distance learning, cuts out the noise and reinforces what we’re already good at: award-winning learning that helps people to get qualified.”

“I’m a firm believer that if there’s a possibility to improve, you should. The difference between the impossible and possible lies in your determination. With an ‘I Can. I Will.’ mentality, Oxbridge make anything possible!”

Paul Mitchell, Executive Director of LoveBrum, comments:

“Oxbridge has been a long-term corporate member of LoveBrum and we are so grateful to have their support and shared ethos of helping our community. It’s been a pleasure to work with Oxbridge as they have grown over the years, and to see this reflected in their exciting new brand!”

Matt explained,

“Becoming more human lets us really connect with people. Much like with LoveBrum, who receive great community and member support to aid the wider community, we’re creating a platform that makes a difference by giving people choice by learning without limits anytime, anywhere, anyhow.”

You can discover the brand-new Oxbridge, chat to its devoted team, or even enjoy one of their award-winning courses by checking out their new website at: oxbridgehomelearning.uk



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