01 Oct 2018

Congratulations September Winners!

By Hannah Whiting

At LoveBrum we are passionate about how education can change the world one person at a time.

Throughout September we showcased three educational projects and we were so pleased to see so many of our members showing their own passion by voting and the response has been absolutely incredible!

£2,000 WINNER – You’re Cherished

You’re Cherished’s aim is to make girls feel ‘Safe, Seen, Soothed and Secure’, addressing the mental health needs of young girls across Birmingham, supporting about 250 girls each year.

You’re Cherished provides a range of group and 1:1 mentoring sessions for young girls to support them with a variety of issues and help them to feel safe, seen, soothed and secure.

The £2,000 funding will cover the cost of new IT equipment for the organisation, which will enable them to communicate faster, easily retrieve information and write reports this will improve their efficiency and allow them to support even more young girls.  

£1,000 WINNER – Peacemakers

Peacemakers work with both adults and children to develop skills, knowledge, behaviour and systems that develop peaceful behaviour and environments and help communities find creative ways to deal with conflict and harm.

As the organisation grew, it began a new programme, working with the whole school to embed a peace ethos and, last year, they published Learning for Peace.

Learning for Peace provides teachers with a suggested curriculum and training so they can deliver this to their pupils. The programme works to embed the skills that schools already encourage in their students such as self-esteem, empathy and listening skills.

The £1,000 funding will support Peacemakers in embedding the Learning for Peace curriculum in a primary school, with activities and learning for every year group, focusing on inner peace, peaceful relationships, peaceful choices and behaviour, peaceful actions and peaceful communities.

£500 WINNER – Catalyst Studios

Catalyst Studios is a film production and arts organisation, striving to see and portray a more positive, and realistic, representation of young people, and people of colour, in mainstream media.

Having noticed that young people are constantly bombarded with messages via television, social media, adverts, music and performances, the organisation is keen to teach ‘media literacy’, the ability to access, analyse and create different types of media. The messages that people receive through the media inform the way that we think about ourselves, which can often impact negatively on individuals and whole groups of people.

Your £500 of funding will help support Catalyst Studios’ project ‘Up to No Good’, providing the opportunity for young people from Nechells and the surrounding areas to take part in a media literacy workshop. At the workshop they will then be able to use their new skills to write a song, or rap, and create a music video that subverts the stereotypes usually attached to youth from working class communities.


Thank you to everyone who voted! Don’t forget to vote for your favourite project this month!


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