28 Oct 2019

Congratulations October Winners

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the winners of October’s physical health round of funding! Thank you to Patron, Vault IP for sponsoring the month, and to everyone who voted.

£2,000 WINNER-Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity (Little Heroes Wear Masks)

Little Heroes Wear Masks is a scheme running at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity, which provides young cancer patients with a personalised radiography mask, painted with their favourite character, making the experience less daunting.

The mask ensures that treatments is precise and doesn’t damage any healthy tissue but can feel very claustrophobic. Liam Herbert, Specialist Paediatric Therapeutic Radiographer decided in order to combat their fear he would turn their ‘masks’ into their favourite superhero or character. Liam takes the time to ask the patients about their hobbies and interests and then proceeds to paint each mask individually to suit them. So far, there have been superheroes, princesses and even dinosaurs. An idea as simple as this has really benefited the way children feel about receiving their radiotherapy treatment.

£2,000 will fund a specialist artist to paint the masks, ensuring every mask is completely individual and personalised. On average the unit sees seven children every week which would mean roughly 250 masks could be painted.

£1,000 WINNER-Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Support Centre

Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Support Centre helps people who are affected by all cancers, as well as other chronic illnesses and provides a friendly place for anyone needing support or information.

As well as a place to have a coffee and a chat, the centre offers holistic and craft therapies, wig and bra fitting and styling, and various wellbeing projects free of charge to all of their service users.

Living with a chronic illness can feel like a very lonely time and Tamworth Wellbeing & Cancer Support Centre is a place full of like-minded people, where people can find someone to talk to who has been through the same experience.

£1,000 will fund Singing for Health sessions or 18 months worth of sessions of thai chi, meditation, seated yoga and qigong, helping clients with both their physical and mental health during a very difficult time.

£500 WINNER-Michelle’s Lungs4Life

Michelle’s Lungs4Life raises awareness of organ donation, educating the public and particularly ethnic minority communities. For almost half her life, Lungs4Life founder, Michelle Hemmings, suffered with interstitial lung disease (pulmonary Fibrosis) and mild pulmonary hypertension, and was on oxygen for about five years.

At 46, her life was saved by a lung transplant, and she is now wants to inspire many more donors and recipients and is raising money through Michelle’s Lungs4Life to raise awareness and educate about organ donation. Michelle delivers talks about her personal story in the community, particularly focusing on ethnic minority groups, where there is often a stigma or lack of knowledge surrounding organ donation. With Max and Kiera’s law coming in 2020, it is more important than ever that people are aware of exactly what organ donation means.

£500 will support the work of Michelle’s Lungs4Life as they will be able to purchase more promotional materials, increasing awareness and also allow Michelle to deliver even more talks.

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