26 Nov 2018

Congratulations November Winners!

By Kate Grantham

Throughout November, LoveBrum showcased three projects from across Birmingham, all working hard to make our city sustainable. We were delighted to see one of our biggest voting months ever, and so many of our supporters getting behind every cause.

£2,000 WINNER–Greenholm Primary School Community Project

Greenholm Primary School took ownership of a piece of land behind their site, which they began to develop into a school farm and outdoor learning area.With the help of the school’s pupils and numerous others, the once unusable space has been completely transformed into a new outdoor learning area, which is also open to the community.. The farm is now home to a variety of plants and trees, a wood fired oven and open fire, raised beds and fencing built by the children, and two chickens – Strawberry and Snowdrop.

£2,000 will would help to cover the cost of a bigger chicken coop, allowing the school to purchase more chickens, which they have found to have had a hugely positive impact on the confidence of many of their pupils, who have been able to talk, and read, to the chickens without the fear of being judged. The school will also develop the existing path to the farm in order to improve the access for members of the community with restricted mobility.


£1,000 WINNER–Zero Waste in the Community

Zero Waste in the Community, was formed out of the realisation that living a zero waste life is near impossible for many people due to financial restraints and lack of knowledge. Birmingham is one of the worst cities for recycling their waste. Zero Waste in the Community aims to lessen the dependency on sending waste to landfill or incineration by offering alternative solutions that reuse or reduce waste. Zero Waste in the Community has also identified that it is very difficult to buy plastic-free produce in Birmingham.

£1,000 will support Zero Waste in the Community’s project which collects spent coffee grounds from cafes around Birmingham for free, and then re-purposes them as soil fertiliser. The coffee grounds provide the perfect environment for growing mushrooms, which can then be sold back to cafes, farmers markets or whole food shops. By increasing the amount of mushrooms it produces, Zero Waste in the Community will be able to help more people across Birmingham reduce their household waste.

£500 WINNER–Food Forest Brum

Food Forest Brum is a project run by Spring to Life, which creates orchards, nut groves, and forest gardens in public and semi-public areas of Birmingham in order to feed people now, and for generations to come. Food Forest Brum hopes that setting up these spaces will provide more certainty to younger and future generations, and reduce the problems they may inherit in accessing a healthy and sustainable food supply.

The £500 will support Food Forest Brum’s work with local communities, helping to develop and care for edible trees in existing sites. The project will also use the funding to help establish the forest garden within the Fruit and Nut Village Stirchley by paying for a variety of plants, and for the coordination of the project.


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