03 Jun 2019

Congratulations, May Winners!

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the winners of our mental health round of funding!

Thank you to Resorts World who sponsored this month, helping us to showcase three causes, each working to combat the stigma that still exists around mental health and support people with ongoing mental health issues in Birmingham.

£2,000 WINNER-Sikh Your Mind

Sikh Your Mind offer mental health support for people of all backgrounds but started by offering drop ins, consultations and psychoeducation around mental health in local Sikh Gurdware having found that there can often be stigma surrounding mental health issues in this particular community due to lack of knowledge. Sikh Your Mind is made up of a team of 5 volunteers, all qualified clinical or assistant psychologists.

£2,000 will enable Sikh Your Mind to increase awareness of mental health difficulties to those in the Punjabi Sikh Community by translating their various resources into Punjabi, which will increase access to all areas of the community, significantly older adults who are more likely to hold views that prevent access to mental health services.

£1,000 WINNER-Livingstone House

Livingstone House aims to help people stop existing in a state of addiction and start living a healthy and happy life, looking forward to a positive future without the use of drugs, alcohol and all other mind altering substances. Their residential drug and rehabilitation programme provides support that is not just geared towards abstinence, but designed to meet each individual’s mental, spiritual and emotional needs too.

£1,000 will help fund a new Therapeutic Garden Space at Livingstone House, which will be a dedicated area of the garden for health and wellbeing for their service users. The area will be decked, with seating provided for people to meditate in peaceful place. It will also provide an area for outdoor exercise.

£500 WINNER-The Pinks N Blues

The Pinks N Blues CIC, incorporate in 2015, provides support for families who have experienced pregnancy loss. The organisation hosts six pregnancy loss support groups across Birmingham and Solihull, with demand for more. All the support groups are facilitated by people with lived experience and work to support people in finding the best way for them to cope, understanding that everyone copes differently. The groups help people to understand that it is OK to grieve and speak about their experiences.

The £500 funding will enable The Pinks N Blues to train more volunteers to meet the growing demand for more pregnancy loss support groups. The newly trained volunteers will be able to support attendees with a variety of issues including trying to conceive again and signposting them to additional clinical support services.

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