01 Apr 2019

Congratulations March Winners!

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the winners of March’s public services month!

This month, we introduced you to causes that work to provide free support to the most vulnerable members of Birmingham’s community, whether they’re in need of medical care or professional advice, equipping them with skills to better their own lives.

£2,000 WINNER-Birmingham Peoples Centre

Birmingham Peoples Centre is a charity that began operating in 2013 to meet the unmet need for free employment rights advice. It is the only organisation in Birmingham that provides such a comprehensive free employment rights rights service.

Birmingham Peoples Centre supports people with a variety of employment law issues including unpaid wages, notice or holiday pay, disciplinary hearings and unfair dismissal, assisting over 1,000 people each year.

£2,000 will help Birmingham Peoples Centre to cover the cost of their rent, but also their internet and phone lines, which are vital in order for them to support as many people as possible.

£1,000 WINNER-West Midlands CARE Team

The West Midlands Central Accident, Resuscitation & Emergency (CARE) Team is a registered charity that works alongside the West Midlands Ambulance Service,  responding to emergency 999 calls.

The organisation responds to thousands of incidents each year, helping to save hundreds of lives. The increased pressure on the NHS means that their service is more in demand, and more vital than ever before.

£1,000 will enable West Midlands CARE Team to purchase a video laryngoscope, which will help responders to help place a breathing tube to patients who require this. It is a high risk procedure, particularly outside of the hospital environment, so the addition of the laryngoscope will reduce the risk and allow the team to save even more lives.

£500 WINNER-Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadet Corps

Birmingham Stirling Sea Cadet Corps aims to equip young people, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds, with life skills that will transform them into confident, resilient young people, who are able to thrive in whatever they want to do when they leave school.

The organisation provides cadets with a recognised qualification, which is transferable to any future career, helping them to learn in an environment very different to school.

£500 will help to refurbish the cadet messes, including re-painting and new flooring. The cadets benefit from regular training weekends, where they’ll stay overnight in the messes but the current facilities need to be made suitable for use.

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