01 Jul 2019

Congratulations June Winners

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the winners of June’s sport round of funding!

Thank you to Gymshark who sponsored this month and to everyone who voted for their favourite cause. Our sport causes all aim to make sport inclusive and accessible for everyone in Birmingham.

£2,000 WINNER-Solihull Arden Club

Solihull Arden Club is a not for profit organisation that exists solely for the benefit of the local community and its enthusiastic members. Their aim is to make racquet sports available, inclusive and exciting to everyone, and offers a range of racquet sports, facilities and support to ensure that playing is fun and encourages people from all community backgrounds to come along and try something new.

Their most recent initiative is First Serve, which will provide an introduction to racquet sports for children and beginners. Through this programme, the club will focus on getting more local young people to enjoy playing racquet sports by offering a free course programme of teaching to local schools.

£2,000 will enable the club to purchase equipment and pay for coaching time to go into local schools and provide young people with the opportunity to try something new, develop a new skill and increase their physical activity.

£1,000 WINNER-AccessiBlues

AccessiBlues provides advice and support at football matches, enabling fans to have the best possible experience at football matches and ensuring that staff at matches are equipped to help in any way they can. The group is run completely volunteers, and every penny fundraised goes towards enhancing events and activities for their members, in order to improve the social lives of people who normally wouldn’t have much opportunity to socialise and integrate with other members of the community.

£1,000 will support the cost of putting on these events and ensuring they are free for members to attend. The activities will range from going out for meals together, to fun days out and short breaks away.

£500 WINNER-Birmingham Impact FC

Birmingham Impact FC is a football group for young boys aged 5-14 that aims to address the issue of diversity and inclusivity within football. The football club aims to demonstrate that the value of sport to local communities extends beyond playing, and can bring communities together, having a social and cultural impact, developing social capital and reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. Engaging young people in activities such as sport contribute to community resilience and reduce the risk of young people becoming involved in groups engaged in violent crimes.

The £500 will be used to ensure that every child has the same team kit. The group aims to make everyone feel as equal as possible and each child wearing the same kit will help to promote that message within the group.

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