29 Jul 2019

Congratulations July Winners

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the winners of July’s children round of funding!

Thank you to No5 Chambers sponsored this month and to everyone who voted for their favourite cause. Our three causes all support children in Birmingham with their mental health and ensure that all of them have access to the same opportunities as everyone else, no matter what their background.

£2,000 WINNER-SEND Socials

SEND Socials works to provide social opportunities for children with special educational needs and disabilities, and fill the gap in the lack of services that are currently available for children with additional needs.

Activities for children with additional needs are not only few and far between, but are typically only available during term times, with a big gap in services during school holidays. Accessing mainstream activities is often not an option either as these places can be too busy, noisy or unfamiliar for children with additional needs.

£2,000 will help the group to purchase some initial equipment for the group, such as toys (including sensory toys) and games, to run two stay and play sessions per week during the summer holidays, and the remaining funding will go towards covering the cost of two day trips for the entire group, making them free for service users.

£1,000 WINNER-The Open Doors Project CIC

The Open Doors Project CIC works to fill a gap in educational and recreational activities in inner-city Birmingham for children and young people with severe learning disabilities and special needs.

The group provides free-of-charge activities including nature rambles, gardening, sensory exploration, den building, pond dipping, and engagement with wildlife for children to ensure that young people can experience the same opportunities as their peers in mainstream schools, allowing them to develop crucial social, communication, and behaviour management skills which will support them now and later in life.

£1,000 will fund 5 sessions, which will help to develop a sense of community and identity around living in Birmingham. The group would take the children to visit key sites around Birmingham such as the Botanical Gardens, the MAC, Sutton Park, and the Think Tank.

£500 WINNER-Innovating Minds CIC

Innovating Minds CIC provides accessible, specialist psychological support and reinvests profits into supporting children and young people who are affected by witnessing domestic abuse.

Their ‘Healing Together’ programme helps young witnesses of domestic abuse to come to terms with their experiences, build confidence and self-esteem, make sense of their emotions, understand their rights and develop positive lifestyle and coping strategies. The programme uses activities and creative arts, which improves expressions of thoughts and feelings, communication and engagement when young people struggle to find their voice.

The £500 will be used to provide families with a resource bag containing information that can be taken away to implement at home, outside of the support groups, to support parents, children and siblings with communicating and handling emotions.

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