04 Feb 2019

Congratulations January Winners!

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce our very first funded causes of 2019!

In January, we celebrated self improvement, sponsored by Thompson Insurance Brokers, and showcased three causes in Brum that aim to help people get back into work, ensure there are equal opportunities in the workplace, or simply help individuals to be the best they possibly can be!

£2,000 WINNER-Colebridge Trust

Colebridge Trust works to improve opportunities for local people in Chelmsley Wood and the surrounding area, by creating meaningful work experience opportunities. They work with individuals who are perceived as being the furthest from employment, including learning disabled, over 50s, those with physical disabilities and mental health issues, lone parents and young people with poor attainment. Colebridge offers employment and a place to improve work-based skills in their industrial unit, where they provide packing and assembly services for automotive, and health and beauty sectors.

£2,000 will fund additional work experience opportunities for the organisation’s service users. ‘Spark’ will help to train staff and volunteers as PAT testers and one as a forklift driver, which will give them a new skill, and also mean they can train others. This will generate revenue that can be reinvested into supporting unemployed people and give the individuals the spark that they need to secure employment, either with Colebridge, or an external organisation.

£1,000 WINNER-Street League

Street League works young people who feel disengaged when they leave school, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds who may feel as though their future prospects are limited. Street League use sport and physical activity as a tool to re-engage these people, encouraging them to feel motivated and improve fitness, as well as learn skills such as cooperation and communication. Their 8-week programme links these activities with their employability workshops with the ultimate aim to ensure young people are being productive, whether that be achieving new qualifications, or going into work placements and full time employment.

£1,000 will allow Street League to expand on the service that they currently provide and organise activities in the evenings to provide somewhere safe for young people to go, keeping them off the streets and engaged in positive activities.

£500 WINNER-badg (Birmingham Adult Dyslexic Group)

badg (Birmingham Adult Dyslexia Group) is a registered charity that supports people with learning disabilities, but particularly focuses on helping those with dyslexia. badg recognises that helping people to maintain good mental health and wellbeing is one of the most important ways to support them through any difficulties they might be experiencing, so the organisation runs a helpline, as well as support groups where people can meet to offload.

The £500 funding from will allow badg to purchase new, and more professional, editing software and help the organisation to provide more support, and expand upon the work that they already do.

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