04 Mar 2019

Congratulations February Winners!

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the winners of February’s animal round of funding!

Throughout February, we showcased three amazing causes who all look after animals across Brum, helping to find forever homes for them, and educate the community about proper care. Thank you to Patron, Eventmasters, for sponsoring animals month.

£2,000 WINNER-Birmingham Dogs Home

Birmingham Dogs Home rescues, reunites and re-homes lost, abused and abandoned dogs from across the West Midlands. The animals in residence receive care and medical attention, getting walked regularly and enjoying their very own enrichment activities but, ultimately, the charity aim to rehome their dogs into loving homes.

The charity also has an outreach programme, where they visit schools and colleges to talk about looking after dogs, and how to be safe around them.

£2,000 will enable Birmingham Dogs Home to purchase an ultrasound scanner. This will mean the centre can diagnose illnesses, or confirm pregnancies, in newly arrived dogs a lot more quickly, as this is a non-invasive procedure which can detect pregnancies and abnormalities in vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, bladder and heart. This will help more dogs to be treated back to full health as soon as possible, without having to leave the site to visit the vet.

£1,000 WINNER-Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary

Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary provides a rescue space to many different types of animals large and small. The site is currently home for animals including horses, pigs, chickens and cats, with ex-battery hens and cats being their main residents. The sanctuary is run entirely by volunteers, and receives no funding. Donations are they only way they are able to continue their work.

£1,000 will support the sanctuary in replacing their decommissioned pens with new, and more secure facilities as well as contribute to the cost of installing a water supply at the site. At the moment, volunteers must bring water in containers on a daily basis.

£500 WINNER-Balsall Heath City Farm

Balsall Heath City Farm started with just a few chickens and a couple of goats but was grown by volunteers from the community, and is now home to sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, geese, turkeys and cats. They aim to teach children about animals, as well as boosting the wellbeing of visitors by spending time outdoors, with animals, and by growing flowers and vegetables. The farm is free to visitors and receives no government or council funding so relies totally on donations.

£500 will help Balsall Heath City Farm to convert their old stable into an accessible toilet, improving their visitor facilities. This would encourage visitors to stay for longer and buy refreshments. This ability to generate more income would mean the farm would be self sustainable for the future, allowing them to stay open and providing an inner-city oasis for the local, and wider Birmingham, community.

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