02 Sep 2019

Congratulations August winners!

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the winners of August’s community round of funding!

Thank you to Patrons, M6toll and Wesleyan for sponsoring this month, as well as to the many people who had their say by voting for their favourite project. Our three winning causes work with a wide range of people, often in a vulnerable position, to provide support, enrich their lives and make a positive change for the whole city.

£2,000 WINNER-DiscoInclusive

Through their monthly evening events, DiscoInclusive brings adults with impairments and disabilities together in the community to help combat issues with health, wellbeing, and social isolation in an environment that wouldn’t normally be accessible.

DiscoInclusive exists because there is a real need for social events and meaningful activities for adults with special needs, especially in the evenings. Their events have seen their service users grow in confidence, make new friends and, most importantly, relax and have fun.

£2,000 will fund a whole year of discos for the group, which have been paid for from personal funds up until now. The money will pay for venue hire, decorations, DJs, advertising and volunteer expenses, meaning they will be able to reach and support even more people.

£1,000 WINNER-Ladywood Community Project

Ladywood Community Project has supported local families for the last 28 years, particuarly those on low incomes, supporting them and encouraging them to feel like part of the community.

Service users have free use of a kitchen, washing machine and dryer, and a safe garden with play equipment. The project also runs a fuel scheme for those in crisis, as well as running a holiday hunger scheme and various trips at a subsidised cost.

£1,000 will help to reduce the huge cost of new school uniform for many families who can’t afford this. Having the correct and appropriate uniform will also give children the best possible start to the new school year, helping to build their confidence and preventing parents from feeling as though they have let their children down.

£500 WINNER-Redthread

Redthread works to support young people in Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Heartlands Hospital who are there as a result of violent crimes such as stabbings, shootings, domestic violence or exploitation and continue to provide support once they are discharged.

Their 12 week programme helps some of Birmingham’s most vulnerable people to access support services and develop personal resources to help them break free from cycles of violence and crime. The interventions have helped to reduce young people offending, and re-offending, as well as being readmitted to hospital as a result of further violence.

The £500 will help to provide basic necessities for young people in crisis including clothing, food and money for travel, all helping to ensure they are safe. The funding will ensure that Redthread youth workers are on hand to assist any young person, particularly in an emergency.

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