29 Apr 2019

Congratulations April Winners

By Kate Grantham

We’re absolutely delighted to announce the winners of our arts and culture round of funding!

Thank you to Tank Top Media who sponsored this month, helping us to showcase three causes, ensuring that arts and culture is accessible to each and every individual in Birmingham.

£2,000 WINNER-Freewheelin Dance Group

Freewheelin Dance Group is Birmingham’s first, and only, wheelchair dance class, providing the opportunity for those with mobility restrictions the opportunity to express themselves through dance. Freewheelin has received messages from parents of disabled children as their children aren’t able to attend mainstream dance classes, as they often don’t have the resource or expertise to support someone in a wheelchair. The classes are currently catered to adults, with one girl who was desperate to join the classes, dreaming of being a ballerina!

£2,000 will cover the cost of hall hire for 100 weekly classes for children, helping them to meet new people, as well as learn a new skill and keep fit. They will also have opportunities to perform in local and national dance shows, as well as competitions.

£1,000 WINNER-Screen B14

Screen B14 aims to bring community cinema to Kings Heath, providing accessible and affordable to cinema for the local community. Screen B14 aims to make their screenings as inclusive as possible, for example, showing films with subtitles for deaf people, or offering free tickets to carers, and ensuring their venues are wheelchair accessible. This is in addition to their accessible ticket policy that allows people to pay what they feel they can afford.

£1,000 will help Screen B14 to purchase their own screen and projector equipment, allowing them to increase the number of screenings and also take their equipment to other locations, such as care homes, making cinema even more accessible for the local community!

£500 WINNER-InteGreat Theatre

InteGreat Theatre is a community theatre group for deaf and hearing adults that started as a mixed deaf and hearing drama group for young people. After realising that nothing like this existed elsewhere, InteGreat began to facilitate a group for deaf adults. InteGreat Theatre is inclusive to all, so members range in age, race, abilities and age, with people from age 19-73! The group integrates both deaf and hearing people to come together and explore their creativity. With the support of interpreters, InteGreat is able to bring these usually two separate groups together and creates an opportunity for people to learn from each other without barriers.

The £500 funding will help to support the cost of an additional British Sign Language Interpreter so people on the waiting list will be able join the group.

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