How to Vote for a Cause

To vote for your favourite cause, you need to be a LoveBrum member.  Our members vote every month on the cause they feel is most in need of valuable funding. Any causes that don’t win are allowed to feature on LoveBrum again so eventually everyone gets the funding they need.

If you’re already a member you can click here to vote today!


Step 1

You sign up to become a LoveBrum member, giving you the power to vote on your favourite causes and a host of benefits. Find out more about membership benefits here.

Step 2

Throughout the month three new local causes seeking funding go live. During the forth week of the month LoveBrum members vote for their favourite.

Step 3

At the end of the month, the winning cause is announced and they receive valuable funding, and 12 months business and marketing support.

Step 4

The process starts again. Three new causes go live. Voting starts again. We’re one step closer to a better Birmingham.

Our previous causes

Balsall Heath Cats

Balsall Heath Cats

Balsall Heath CATS support families of children with disabilities and complex learning needs, promoting social inclusion through play.



Lifetrain works with young children and their families to help them learn about accident prevention.

Serve Our Brummies

Serve Our Brummies

Serve Our Brummies, a project set up to feed the homeless in the city, has been tackling the stigma that surrounds homelessness.

Homelands Festival

Homelands Festival

Earlier this year LoveBrum, joined forces with the students of Perry Beeches The Academy and the residents of Sanctuary’s Homelands.