You’re Cherished

‘We’re investing in the women of tomorrow.’

You’re Cherished founder, Hannah, was inspired to provide a mentoring service for young girls based on her own needs, and those of her peers, whilst growing up. She noticed that there was a lack of support services for girls who might be struggling with a variety of issues that could affect their mental health.

What is You’re Cherished?

You’re Cherished was established as a Community Interest Company in 2011 to address the mental health needs of young girls across Birmingham, and supports about 250 girls each year.

You’re Cherished receives referrals from the police, social services, schools and parents along with other agencies. They run on referrals only, with most coming from schools, and their services are available to girls of both primary and secondary school age (up to 18), helping them to deal with a wide range of issues including self harm, low self esteem, anxiety, eating disorders, child exploitation.

The girls are matched up with a volunteer mentor, all of whom receive exceptional training and a level 3 mentoring qualification, as well as ongoing support. You’re Cherished offers a range of group and 1:1 mentoring options, to meet the unique needs of each girl they support.

You’re Cherished’s aim is to make girls feel ‘Safe, Seen, Soothed and Secure’:

  • Safe – providing a nurturing, accepting, confidential space for girls to build positive attachment and explore their emotions.
  • Seen – giving girls dedicated time and attention, opportunities to use their voice and realise their true worth.
  • Soothed – using creative mentoring techniques to equip girls to acknowledge and manage their emotions.
  • Secure – to nurture and develop the true potential of every girl, building her confidence and establishing security in her own identity.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

A local company donated You’re Cherished’s original IT equipment but this is now failing on a daily basis. This is impacting their ability to communicate effectively with their referrers and mentors, and is wasting a lot of valuable time, so they are in desperate need of new equipment.

There is a huge demand for the service You’re Cherished provides, with 50 girls currently on their waiting list. £2,000 would cover the cost of new IT equipment for the organisation, which will enable them to communicate faster, easily retrieve information and write reports. This will improve their efficiency and allow them to support even more young girls.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about You’re Cherished?

Deb Foster, Learning & Evaluating Co-ordinator

Tel: 07974 410 412


You can find out more about You’re Cherished via their website. You can also follow You’re Cherished on Facebook and Twitter.

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