Wythall Animal Rescue

Wythall Animal Rescue is a small charity run entirely from donations. They have been a registered charity since 1968, and have operated for the last 48 years, helping unwanted animals and wildlife find a new start in life.

What is Wythall Animal Rescue?

Wythall Animal Rescue takes in unloved and unwanted animals, and helps them to find a new forever home, offering permanent sanctuary to those who need it too.

Most of the animals who come to the sanctuary haven’t received the very basic of care, and are often neglected and in need of expensive veterinary treatment. This care is essential for them. Neutering, vaccinating and parasite control are all left to the sanctuary to pick up the bill. The team are constantly fundraising to try cover these costs, as well as improve their facilities.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Wythall Animal Rescue require their rabbit and guinea pig accommodation, Hazel House, to be updated. The wooden hutches are over 10 years old, chewed and a little tired. The sanctuary have been saving to replace these with state of the art plastic type material pens, that are longer lasting, more hygienic and and much easier to clean. They will also be impervious to contagious diseases making them much safer for the animals. The hutch system would be built with runs, making better use of the space, meaning they can help more bunnies and piggies!

Not only would these new pens be fantastic for the sanctuary’s furry friends, but they will make it easier for staff and volunteers to clean the pens so that more time can be spent grooming and upkeeping the animals.

If successful, Wythall Animal Rescue will put the £2,000 towards the costs of this project, which will cover the materials and building costs.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Wythall Animal Rescue?

Alison Cookman, General Manager

Tel: 01564 823 288

Email: info@wythallanimalrescue.org

You can find out more about Wythall Animal Rescue via their website. You can also follow Wythall Animal Rescue on Facebook and Twitter.

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