West Midlands CARE Team

‘Project our clinical expertise that are usually provided in the hospital out onto the roadside to the patient, and save those lives!’

The West Midlands Central Accident, Resuscitation & Emergency (CARE) Team is a registered charity that delivers advanced pre-hospital care to seriously ill and injured patients across the West Midlands.

What is West Midlands CARE Team?

The West Midlands CARE Team work alongside the West Midlands Ambulance Service,  responding to emergency 999 calls that operators put through to responders. They do not receive any government funding and are only able to operate their free service because of donations from the public.

The organisation responds to thousands of incidents each year, helping to save hundreds of lives. The increased pressure on the NHS means that their service is more in demand, and more vital than ever before.

The charity is run completely by volunteers, all who have a background in healthcare, from doctors and nurses, to paramedics.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2,000 will enable West Midlands CARE Team to purchase a video laryngoscope, which will help responders to help place a breathing tube to patients who require this. It is a high risk procedure, particularly outside of the hospital environment, so the addition of the laryngoscope will reduce the risk and allow the team to save even more lives.

The remaining funding will help the team to continue to the amazing service that they provide, covering general running costs, as fuel is a constant requirement. Without fuel, West Midlands CARE Team wouldn’t be able to go out and reach the people that they do to save lives.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about West Midlands CARE Team?

Emily Branson, Volunteer Administrator

Email: admin@wmcareteam.com

You can find out more about West Midlands CARE Team via their website. You can also follow West Midlands CARE Team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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