We Go Outside Too

“The benefits of going outside can be for your mental health.”

After going through a terrible personal tragedy, We Go Outside Too Founder Marlon, discovered the benefits of using nature to help align his own mental health wellbeing, and the group was created from there.




Who are We Go Outside Too?

Founded in 2020, We Go Outside Too has gone from strength to strength in being a group that champions the benefits of what being outdoors in nature can do for our mental health.  Marlon said: “I thought to put a group together to explore more of the outdoors, encourage, and promote that this has endless benefits for your mental wellbeing.”

Marlon wanted to bring the rawness and authenticity of nature to the Community by aligning mental and physical wellbeing therapy with outdoor activities.  His aims are to encourage more of the community to connect with nature and as a result of this, assist with mental wellbeing  – this gives some balance to people’s lives, and  gives them a  new outlook on life, whilst also creating a support network and chance to connect with other people.  

Having experienced the healing benefits of nature for himself,  Marlon decided to change something and used his own initiative. He had already been posting about his own travels, and was receiving interest from increasingly curious people who wanted to know more about his journey, and how nature and being outside was improving his mental wellbeing. Instead of telling them, he decided to invite them to events! Currently supporting around 50 people, together, the group go exploring nature, taking on challenges along the way!

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 funding would help to ensure the continued walking sessions of We Go Outside Too, by enabling food packages and travel costs to be purchased for the group, meaning there is less of a barrier for people to join, and more people can be supported with their mental Wellbeing through nature 


Where can people go to find out more about We Go Outside Too? 

Marlon Patrice, Founder 


Instagram: wegooutsidetoo


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