“Variety believes that all Children deserve to be happy and healthy

Variety, the Children’s Charity,  have been helping to support Children and their families with practical, tangible help that makes almost an immediate difference to Children and young people aged 18 and under. By helping these children, Variety also helps the parents, siblings, carers, schools and organisations that shape their early years. 


  What is Variety?

Variety has been operating for over 70 years now, and they offer a wide and varied range of support to Children and families who need it – this includes providing funds for  specialist disability equipment and wheelchairs that aren’t available through statutory services; adapted, accessible transport for SEND schools and other non-profit organisations through the Sunshine Coaches programme; and memorable day trips through the Great Days Out programme. On average, families with a disabled child have outgoings that are £600 a month higher than those of families with non-disabled children.

Variety’s Specialised Equipment Programme offers families and organisations practical support that enhances the lives of young people, this leaving a huge mark for years to come, giving children the opportunity to see the possibilities within their lives and increased confidence. Some of the outcomes they have seen as a result of their equipment grants include: • Enhanced communication and personal development • Improved quality of life by enabling children and young people to be like their peers, reducing their isolation. • Enhanced life skills by being able to take part in new experiences and competitive sports • Improved confidence and more opportunities to focus on ambitions • Improved educational and physical development • Improved health and wellbeing • Respite for families when their child is able to take part in more organised activities.

Variety provides many essential items that families cannot afford to purchase, yet they are not able to receive statutory funding for them.


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would be used to fund specialist equipment for Children and families who need it in order to improve their quality of life.


Where can people go to find out more about Variety?


Charlotte Walker, Regional Development Director.





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