Umberslade Nurseries

‘People feel that they can come along, learn something new, and hopefully make new friends.’

Umberslade Nurseries is owned by Queen Alexandra College, a specialist charity for people with disabilities. The college realised that Umberslade offered a perfect setting to engage the local community, particularly those experiencing a disadvantage, to engage with the outdoors and horticulture.

What is Umberslade Nurseries?

Since renovating the site, Queen Alexandra College have welcomed their students to Umberslade Nurseries as part of their studies, along with individuals and groups from the local community including schools, vulnerable young people, people with dementia, mental health issues and families to get involved in a range of craft and horticulture activities and different community events.

The charity realised that there were a number of local elderly residents who live alone and don’t get much interaction with people, often due to lack of accessible and suitable activities. For some, the costs involved can be too high.

Umberslade Nurseries aims to combat these problems by offering activity sessions for elderly people, as well as their family and carers, to come along to as a way to socialise, get together with other people and reminisce. The weekly sessions include hands on gardening and crafts, music and other fun activities for the community, as well as a drink and piece of cake! The elderly community are able to drop in occasionally, or make it part of their regular routine.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Umberslade Nurseries has limited funding for these sessions but will ensure that they remain free to their service users in order to make sure they are as accessible as possible.

They would like to use their LoveBrum funding to invest in their sessions, using the funding to provide refreshments, as well as craft and gardening supplies to cover the cost of these for a whole year, whilst expanding on the activities that they are able to offer to the local elderly community.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Umberslade Nurseries?

Sarah Caldwell, Fundraising & Grants Manager

Tel: 0121 428 5064


You can find out more about Umberslade Nurseries via their website. You can also follow Umberslade Nurseries on Facebook and Twitter.

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