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The Stonehouse Gang was originally founded in 1939 by a man called Harry Webb, he was a journalist on the Birmingham Post who saw the need for a Community group. They now have a flourishing club for everybody!

What is The Stonehouse Gang?

The Stonehouse Gang is a community group that works with all members of the local Community. They were started in 1939 on the Stonehouse estate – a pre­-war housing estate built next to Weoley Castle, and moved to its Centre where they are today in the late 1950’s. The Stonehouse Gang is a very popular community group, and is passionate about integrating all of its members together where possible – for example, they use members of their youth club to entertain and serve the Senior Citizens by putting on shows and parties for them, and use this as a way to try and bridge the gap between generations, decrease isolation, and hopefully build relationships too!
The Senior Citizen’s group operated by The Stonehouse Gang gives the Elderly a place to go to socialise and meet people. They host a variety of activities for them, for example, Bingo, and take them on outings too. As mentioned before, The Stonehouse Gang also puts on parties and shows for its Senior Citizens members.
Running this group also gives the workers of the Community Centre a chance to keep an eye on people – frail people who may be in need of help that they may not necessarily receive elsewhere. The community group gives the Elderly a chance to access outside services too with support from the workers at The Stonehouse Gang – Housing officers, or someone at the Council they need to speak to regarding their accommodation. Above all though, the main aim for this group is about the Elderly having somewhere to go so they are not alone.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The Stonehouse Gang would like to use the funding for a variety of things!
Unfortunately, the current heating system they have in place is now getting old and does not supply as much heat, this means that the Elderly who need their services are sometimes put off by the fact that sometimes it is cold in the Community Centre.
Transportation is another area funding could help with! Some of the Elderly members rely on the buses operated by The Stonehouse Gang to be able to attend the centre, and funding would be used to help maintain and service them, as well as put funds towards getting a wheelchair lift.
The Stonehouse Gang would also like to replace the chairs and tables that are used by the Elderly, and replace them with newer, more comfortable options! Last but by no means least is the annual party where Senior Citizens are treated to a show and food and drinks! Receiving the funding means that costs towards this show could be helped with!

Where can people go to find out more about The Stonehouse Gang?

For more information about The Stonehouse Gang, please contact: Robert Green, Manager.
Tel: 0121 427 2961
You can find out more information about The Stonehouse Gang by visiting their Website.

The Stonehouse Gang is also on Facebook, and Twitter.

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